Monday, July 26, 2004

Wincemeat Pie At The Tiki Hut

It was a night like any other (save the assorted naturally and artificially fruit-flavored yogurts raining from the sunny skies. As usual, I was in my knee-high waders and latex bodysuit, thus avoiding any ill effects. And for how many years was I laughed at? Well, who's laughing now? Certainly not the old crank at the newsstand... oh sure, he leaned back his head and guffawed in the usual manner, only this time he was quickly silenced by healthy dollop of raspberry justice!), and I was on the prowl... for a nice piece of whitefish (which is difficult to locate in sunny nighttime yogurt downpour).

We apologize for the previous piece of slop. An unexpected yoogurt storm temporarily interfered with our transmitters. We now return you to "The Ortolan: Nature's Savage Candy" already in steady decline.

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