Friday, September 09, 2005

The Mark, The Faker, The Shifty Bookmaker

Here's what the "critics" are saying about the
Rubber Bomb Guide to Investment y Personal Wealth:

The insider's guide to all the tricks of the trade. A must have for all investment opportunists.
--Shelly Longgrass, Stakes/McGuff Int.

Finally, a book written by grifters for grifters. Clear explanations of the simplest procedures and the most complex stings. A real life-savings taker.
--Guy Mondrian, CEO, Save The Smithsonian From Zombies Fund

I've served time in a lot of state and federal houses and the information in this guide is by far the most lucrative I've ever traded a carton of smokes for.
--Howard "Cookbook" Larue, #96138, Editor, Avenal Chronicle

At last--common sense for chiselers! This is the first book that really targets the needs of the low overhead operator. Enclose $10 (cash only) and a self-addressed stamped envelope for more information.
--Joe Smith, Three-card monte dealer, Jean, NV

Thanks a million! Now anyone can pull a quick and quiet short con. This was all I had. I'm ruined.
--Theo Dokes, Former swindler, Current whereabouts unknown

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