Sunday, March 14, 2010

That Singing Feeling

Most bastions of Arts, Literature and the Humanities will not have even one anthem in their history. The Rubber Bomb, has two. Of course, as the Gadsden Flag is to Old Glory, so this rusty ol' bag o' notes laid out here is to the wondrous and elusive Späten Song (you'll have to click around to find Issue 2).

It should be noted that this ancient Rubber Bomb anthem is sung to the tune of O Canada as sung to the tune of Danny Boy as played by Skitch Henderson after wolfing down particularly suspect order of veal oscar.

O Rubber Bomb!
The pipes, the pipes need cleaning

Two parrots live in all thy lumpy highlands.
With glowering mugs we see thee prance,
The True North strong and priced to move!

From filthy and cramped,
O Rubber Bomb, your hammered watresses forgot the ketchup.

Good king Wenceslas stole our hose stretched out and soggy!
O Rubber Bomb, your blasted gargoyles flounce.
O Rubber Bomb, we made a killing on the third at Aqueduct.

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  1. Note to IRS: No such killings were made at said racing establishment on a mare named "Hello Sailor!" or at any other place(s) of gambletude. Note to self: Have heated speaks with Werner next time we're in Mississippi.


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