Monday, June 07, 2004

While The Gorgons Are Sleeping

1. Why can't the asphalt whistle?
2. Who's the card shark in the cellophane pants?
3. Is the Fruit Brute in season and by whom?
4. Which way to the radiator tree?
5. Who left the snickering crowbar out in the sun so long?
6. Are the mallets for rent and what are the going rates in Chuck Connors rookie cards?
7. Which brand of margarine is prefered by 4 out of 5 heads of state?
8. Where is that less than pleasant Sherpa eminating from?
9. How did the wombats take the fortress?
10. Why have you glued the camels to the tarmac?
11. Is it my turn to burp the gold ingots you simpering twerp?
12. Do you expect me to believe that and for how many Chuck Connors rookie cards?

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